Five Major Benefits of Jogging

One of the oldest and most popular types of aerobic exercise is jogging. Fads come and pass, but jogging has weathered all of the hippest exercise crazes that have surfaced over time. Clearly, this is due to the many health benefits of jogging, especially in terms of disease prevention.

Aside from combating stress and helping you maintain a lean physique, here are five other big reasons to jog regularly as part of a healthy lifestyle:

1. It makes for a healthy heart and cardiovascular system.

Aerobic fitness is associated with better quality of life. A huge benefit of jogging is its ability to control your risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Jogging helps prevent hypertension. One way it does that is by lowering the LDL or "bad cholesterol" levels in your blood. Known to be the "silent killer," hypertension can leave long term effects on your body, leading to potentially fatal conditions like atherosclerosis and aneurysms, if ignored. To learn more, visit g.

2. It helps prevent certain cancers.

Researchers have long concluded that jogging helps prevent some cancers. This is because jogging increases the oxygenation of cells in our entire bodies. Cells that do not receive enough oxygen have been known to mutate more aggressively, usually turning malignant. Jogging regularly will help you in avoiding this scenario. Read more about jogging at our site here: .

3. It strengthens your immune system.

As well, jogging is an impeccable immunity booster. There is clear proof that jogging and other aerobic exercises help strengthen the action of lymphocytes (white blood cells) and macrophages (bacteria fighting cells) against infections. When these cells are distributed all around our bodies with increased power, they have a better chance of overcoming diseases and medical conditions brought on by pathogenic microorganisms.

4. It helps in diabetes control.

Jogging also helps in the prevention or management of diabetes. If your life is sedentary, you are likely obese or overweight at at risk of developing diabetes. Jogging plus a healthy diet will help you stave off this debilitating condition.

5. It enhances mental fitness.

Finally, sport and jogging also benefits our mental well-being. Staying in great shape reinforces our self-esteem and increases our confidence. You can also able to improve your general demeanor since jogging, as a physical exercise, promotes the release of our feel-good hormones known as endorphins. That's the reason people feel upbeat following a workout. This effect is also known as the runner's high. Exercises such as jogging help you feel good about living and life. Exercise is actually recommended for depressed individuals to help them cope with their moods.

So whether you're planning to jog outside or on your treadmill, just do it everyday. Since time immemorial, jogging has benefited millions of people around the world when it comes to their health.